One link management platform for all your needs

One link management platform for all your needs

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Brands all over the world find essential for their work process. helps businesses engage a new audience and increase brand recognition.

About us

Withstands heavy loads

Huge volume & High speed generates 500k short links per day, meaning that the service withstands heavy loads.

Backed by Amazon servers, we handle link shortening without website delays. withstands heavy loads
Security with

Single Sign-On Solution (SSO)

Secure login to the application.

Add to your organization's apps and allow team members to access using a single set of username and password.

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High-time performance of the service

99.9% uptime is responsible for your content to always be online. In the last 6 months, had 0% downtime.

We guarantee the high-time performance of the service and provide an enterprise-grade service level agreement. performance of the service

Advanced solutions for the Enterprise

clickstream iconTrack clicks in realtime

Track clicks in real-time with clickstream. The report includes status code, method, referrer, and user agent. Possible delay is 2 minutes.

Learn more clickstream
domains iconMultiple custom domains

Use several branded domains in one account. Apply separate settings for each domain, and track the audience individually for every project.

Learn more multiple domains
teams iconTeams with Roles

Create teams to shorten and manage URLs from one location with your colleagues. Assign 3 different roles: Admin, User, and Read-only.

Learn more teams
utm iconCampaign tracking

Add UTM tags to a link to track the source traffic of short URLs. After the link is clicked, tags are sent to or Google Analytics.

Learn more utm campaign tracking
api iconAPI

Shorten, analyze, and manage URLs with a free API for developers. Add shortening features to your existing app or build a new one.

Learn more API
chart iconDetailed Statistics

Get the most out of short links with detailed statistics. Track geo location, OS, browser, referrer, and date/time of clicks.

Learn more statistics
Retargeting iconLink retargeting

Convert simple visitors into customers by applying retargeting. Ads are shown to those users who previously clicked a short URL.

Learn more analytics and retargeting
deep links iconDeep links

Apply short deep links to route visitors to the specific content of the mobile app rather than to the start page.

Learn more deep links integrations

Make your work easier with us is designed to simplify the workflow of businesses. binds internal operations to the integrations to automate manual processes. While you are engaged in advanced tasks, the integrations work for you.

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How long is a free Enterprise trial? provides a 7-day free trial for the Enterprise plan. However, we can extend the free trial to 30 days if you sign up on by using your corporate email.

How many teammates can participate in my trial?

You can add an unlimited number of teammates.

Can I purchase just one month?

Yes, you can pay either monthly or annually.

Can I still access my data if I cancel my paid subscription?

Yes, we keep your data safe and links active until you delete the account by yourself.

When will I be charged?

You will be automatically charged after the free trial ends.

Do I need a credit card to start the trial?

Yes, you need to add credit card details to start a free trial. Please note that we don’t store your credit card data. All payment operations are held via Stripe — the largest US payment provider.

What support do I get with this plan?

With the Enterprise plan, you get email and online support.

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All primary features in one tool — integration with other apps, unlimited number of users, and enterprise-grade security.

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