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  • ARS - Argentine Peso
  • AUD - Australian Dollar
  • BGN - Bulgarian Lev
  • BRL - Brazilian Real
  • CAD - Canadian Dollar
  • CHF - Swiss Franc
  • CNY - Chinese Yuan
  • EUR - Euro
  • GBP - British Pound
  • IDR - Indonesian Rupiah
  • INR - Indian Rupee
  • JPY - Japanese Yen
  • KRW - South Korean Won
  • MXN - Mexican Peso
  • PLN - Polish Zloty
  • SAR - Saudi Riyal
  • SEK - Swedish Krona
  • USD - United States Dollar
  • ZAR - South African Rand
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try for free
try for free
The number of users included in the plan.
Custom domainstooltip
The number of custom domains you can use to create branded links. Domain name registration fees are not included in the plan cost.
Branded links totaltooltip
The number of branded links you can create via website and redirect to the destination URL. Limits are issued once and can be used over the account lifetime.
Link automationtooltip
The number of branded links you can create via API or Bulk create.
The number of visitors redirected from a branded link to the destination URL.
Tracked clickstooltip
The limit of redirects visible in statistics (countries, devices, languages, time chart and more).
Organize your links into folders.
Country targetingtooltip
Route the visitors from specific countries to the specified destination URL (based on visitors' IP address).
Region targetingtooltip
Route the visitors from specific cities or regions to the specified destination URL (based on visitors' IP address).
Link expirationtooltip
Set the expiration date and time to create a temporary short URL.
Link expiration by click limittooltip
Set a limit for clicks to create a temporary URL.
Link cloakingtooltip
Hide the original URL from visitors so they see the short URL in the browser address bar.
Referrer hidingtooltip
Replace the original referrer URL with your short domain.
Password protectiontooltip
Limit access to the destination URL with a password. Custom CSS for the password page is available.
Deep linkstooltip
Open the link in the mobile app if the app is installed. Otherwise, the link will be opened in the browser.
Multiple teamstooltip
Create multiple user groups and give them access to different sets of domains.
Single sign-on (SSO)tooltip
Sign on any member of your organization automatically.
SLA of 99.9% uptimetooltip
We provide financial compensation if we don't maintain 99.9% uptime.
Export raw click data to S3tooltip
We provide a daily export of raw click data to AWS S3 Bucket if you need advanced analytics
Destination URL updatingtooltip
Update the original URL of your branded links at any time.
Use API to build new apps or add features to your existing apps.
URL shortcode (slug) editingtooltip
Customize the symbols that come after the slash with a relevant keyword of your choice.
SSL (by Let's Encrypt)tooltip
Get a free SSL certificate for short links from the provider "Let's Encrypt".
Mobile targetingtooltip
Route the visitors from different mobile OSs to the specified destination URL.
Chat supporttooltip
Get answers to any question via online chat support.
Tags for linkstooltip
Tag your links to organize and group them on your dashboard.
QR codetooltip
Generate, change color, add logos, and download QR codes for your branded links.
Main page redirecttooltip
Use a custom URL to serve as a default page for users who directly visit your branded domain.
404 redirecttooltip
Use a custom URL to serve as a default page for users who visit misspelled or non-existent links.
301 redirect codetooltip
Create branded links optimized for search engines.
App integrationstooltip
Connect with other services via Zapier, Segment & shorten links via Slack.
Tools & Extensionstooltip
Create short links outside the dashboard using browser extensions, mobile & desktop apps.
UTM buildertooltip
Add UTM parameters to a destination URL to track the web traffic in detail.
GDPR privacytooltip
Be sure that, as a data processor, is fully compliant with GDPR.
Link importtooltip
Import your existing short URLs from other shorteners to
Link exporttooltip
Export all your links at any moment simply by submitting a request to support. No fees are required.
monthlyFreesign up
Custom domains5
Branded links total1,000
Link automation1,000
monthlyPersonaltry for free
Custom domains10
Branded links totalunlimited
Link automation10,000/year
monthlyTeamtry for free
Custom domains50
Branded links totalunlimited
Link automation100,000/year
monthlyEnterprisetry for free
Custom domainsunlimited
Branded links totalunlimited
Link automationunlimited

Reasons to trust

  • GDPR compliance meets GDPR requirements. We only collect and process necessary data.

  • 6 years of stable work has been a cash flow-positive company from the very first day, which points to our strong future potential.

  • Safe payment method

    All credit card numbers are encrypted and stored in Stripe. We don't have access to your credit card data.

  • Ready to scale

    Backed by Amazon servers, we handle link shortening without website delays.

  • Export links

    You can export all your short links simply by submitting a request to support. No fees are required.

  • Reliable customer support

    If you have any questions about, our online support will reply to you within 10 minutes.

What is the limit on statistics in the Free Plan?

You can view detailed statistics in the Free Plan for only the first 50 000 clicks. After 50 000 clicks, continues collecting statistics but restricts your ability to see them. Important: All short links you have created are kept safe and work properly.

Can I use the Free Plan for commercial purposes?

Yes, absolutely. In comparison to other link shorteners, usage for commercial purposes is permitted. We recommend you start with the Free Plan to test the core features.

Can I delete short links to stay within the limits of my plan?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that the '404 Redirect' option is set up correctly and visitors who click on the deleted links will reach your site.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards and can invoice via ACH Credit Transfer. Contact support to configure ACH payment.

How safe is card payment?

We use Stripe to receive card payments. The charges are performed through a secure connection between your browser and Stripe. We don’t know your card number and don’t store payment data on our server.

What happens when I upgrade/downgrade my price plan or unsubscribe?

— If you upgrade or downgrade the price plan, features and limits of a new plan will be applied. All your earlier shortened links will continue working as usual. If you make a plan change in the middle of a billing cycle, you will pay or get a partial refund of your payment depending on how long you use the specific plan.

— If you unsubscribe, your account will be automatically downgraded to the Free Plan.

Do you have a free trial for a paid subscription?

We provide a 7-day free trial for each paid plan. You can cancel the subscription at any moment during the trial period, and we won’t charge your card.

Do you have any additional fees required for managing the account?

No, we don’t require any additional payments for using There are no hidden costs.

Can I export my short links?

Yes, you can export your short links for free. To export all your short URLs, contact support.

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