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Google Analytics and Integration (Direct)
Google Analytics and Integration (Direct)
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Updated over a week ago integrates with Google Analytics directly. You don’t need any third-party service. This significantly simplifies the customization process.

With applying to Google Analytics, you don’t need to implement JavaScript code to the website. Input a tracking code to domain settings, and Google Analytics will get the traffic data from

Note: Google Analytics and integration requires the Personal Plan.

When a user clicks a short link, Google Analytics displays this step on the graph. GA provides statistics for the deep insights like UTM-parameters.

Straight to the video guide or read the instruction below.

- Google Analytics 3 UA-XXXXXX

2. Copy Tracking ID.

3. Go to your account.

4. Open Domain Settings

Click Tracking.

5. Paste Google Analytics ID.

6. Save.

- Google Analytics 4 GA-XXXX

1. Go to your Google Analytics Account > Open Admin

2. Open Data Streams

3. Choose your website (short domain).

4. Copy the tracking G- code.

5. Go to your account.

6. Open Domain Settings

Click Tracking.

7. Paste Google Analytics 4 ID.

Video Guide

The video tutorial below helps you to customize and Google Analytics 3 integration.

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