Please update your * endpoints to * alternatives

Previously, we had a domain name, few years ago we migrated to domain name. While we plan to support * endpoints idefinitely, we recommend changing hostnames to subdomains of


tzOffset parameter deprecation for statistics endpoint

Previously, we supported timezones by providing tzOffset parameter (offset in minutes). This parameter is deprecated now. Please provide tz parameter with timezone name.

Link endpoints with old numeric identifiers require domain id parameter

We are working on improvements of our speed and fault-tolerance. In order to achieve that we need to make few changes in API. You can safely ignore this message if you use our new link identifiers only (they look like lnk_abc_abc123).

[Breaking change] Deprecation of id property in the link create endpoint


Breaking change

We are deprecating and removing the "id" parameter in the link creation endpoint. API Clients need to use the "idString" parameter instead. We have already removed the id parameter for new users and those who did not use API before. Starting from Sep 1st, we will remove this parameter for everyone. Using numeric id will work in all existing endpoints for an indefinite time.


Top column endpoint supports filtering

You now can add filters to top browsers, versions, countries, and cities.


Bulk clicks endpoint now supports time interval arguments

Bulk clicks endpoint now supports time interval arguments, you can get clicks for any date period (previously it was only total)