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How to Integrate with Slack (Zapier)
How to Integrate with Slack (Zapier)
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Slack app is a powerful and known tool for organization of information exchange. It suits for big as well as small work teams or thematic communities and allows to simplify and automatize a communication process.

To make Slack usage more convenient, provides Zapier integration for Slack.

Shortening a new branded link you can send it to certain Slack channel automatically. Thereby your teammates will receive a new short link when it has been created for some domain.

Straight to the video guide or follow the instruction to configure and Slack integration:

1. Go to Zapier.

2. Choose Make a Zap.

3. Search for and click its icon.

4. Turn on trigger and continue.

5. If you configure this Zap for the first time, you need to connect your account.

7. Open User Menu.

8. Choose the "Integrations & API" tab.

9. Click Create API key.

Choose the domain or team, and click Create

Copy your Secret API key by clicking the marked icon

10. Paste API key to connect account. Continue.

11. When account is on, continue.

12. Choose a domain and continue.

13. Pick a sample of the link to test.

14. Now you need to add an action. Search for Slack and click its icon.

15. Choose an action depending on your needs. The example is Send direct message.

16. Connect your Slack account.

17. When account is on, continue.

18. Fill in necessary fields to send a short link. Continue.

19. Send a test to make sure you've made a correct setup.

Important: Turn on your Zap.

When a link is shortened, Slack automatically sends it to recipients.

Video Guide

Watch a video guide on how to customize & Slack integration.

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